Fright and the First Step



I have spoken with many people over the years that have trepidations toward wetshaving. They see or hear the words "razor blade" and "straight razor" and the initial imagery their minds conjure up leave them feeling quite frightened. We asked our Facebook followers what fears/concerns they had about wetshaving and the overwhelming response was “the fear of cutting myself” and “blood loss.”


This frightening imagery might be appropriate for a Halloween flick, but rest assured wetshaving isn't scary or dangerous once you become accustom to it. Yes, there is always a chance of nicking yourself no matter how you shave. But, I'm here to tell you . . . there's nothing to be afraid of. All you have to do is take it slow and easy in the beginning and you should be just fine. Also, look at it this way: If your great grandparents used these methods and survived, you'll be ok too.  You're a direct descendant of someone who was a wetshaver!


If you're curious about wetshaving, ever wanted a more economical way to shave, or have ever wanted a much better shave than what you currently get . . . . all it takes is a small first step.


A shaving brush and a good shaving soap is a great way to ease yourself into wetshaving. You can even use the cartridge razor you're already using. The lathering and application of a good shave soap with a brush is a luxurious experience that you can have every day in your own home.


So, go ahead. Take that small first step. 


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