Reasons why YOU should switch to wetshaving


Wetshaving is the term used to describe traditional methods of shaving using water, shaving soap, a shaving brush, and a double edge safety or straight razor. When the electric razor first hit the market in 1931, the term wetshaving was a way of differentiating those who used an electric razor and those who used traditional methods.


So . . . why should you switch to traditional wetshaving? Here are some benefits of making the switch :



You get a better shave


The slower reduction of facial hair from a single blade (like from a safety razor or straight razor) offers a smoother, closer, and more irritation free shave.


Multi-bladed plastic cartridge razors operate on a “lift and cut” concept known as hysteresis. In a nutshell, the first blade lifts and cuts the hair allowing the following blade(s) to then lift and cut the hair before it retracts. After the final blade cuts the hair, the hair retracts below the surface of the skin. This process, coupled with the fact that you're scraping the same patch of skin with 2 to 6 blades, leads to ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and irritation.


When you use a safety or straight razor, you're using a single blade to slowly reduce facial hair. You're not trying to chop the entire forest down with one axe swing. A slower more methodical approach is needed. Multiple passes with a single blade and light pressure negate the hysteresis effects and leave you with much less irritation and a smoother shave. Yes, multiple passes take longer and you might have to shave a little slower, but this leads to our next point.



It's a more enjoyable experience


Let's face it, shaving can be a @%!! chore. We're all busy. Work, travel, sports, shuttling kids to and from, meetings, etc. Our days are packed with busyness. Most people want to hurry up and shave just to get it over with.


Wetshaving can be a luxurious experience that you can use for some much needed time by yourself. A relaxing hot towel. A soft bristled shaving brush applying warm thick lather. The aroma of your favorite scented shaving soap in the air. The feel of the razor as it glides across your face. The splash of an aftershave. Your favorite music playing in the background. Your favorite beverage close by. The experience and “down time” can be quite enjoyable.



It's more econmical


The cost of using the multi-bladed cartridge systems (you know . . . the ones that cause all of the irritation) ranges anywhere from $15 to the $50+ (plus the cost of replacement cartridge heads thereafter). Then, there is the recent $250 heated vibrating laser guided razor offered on the market. The costs add up and the big companies know they have you and your wallet hooked.


[Insert heavy sigh here]


Wetshaving does have an initial investment for a brush, a razor, shaving soap, and some blades. Long term, however, you're saving money. For cheaper than most cartridge systems and replacement heads, our Starter Kits have EVERYTHING you need to start wetshaving.


Starter Kits include:


  • A double edge safety razor (which can last a lifetime)

  • A luxury shaving soap (lasts much longer than an aerosol loaded flammable can of goop and is better for your skin)

  • A shaving brush

  • DE blades (which cost pennies a piece)


Ready to switch?

Click the link and be on your way to a better shave!

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