ASTRA-SP SIX PACK (6 packs of 5 blades each)

ASTRA-SP SIX PACK (6 packs of 5 blades each)

$ 2.92

Want a 6 pack?  We've got you covered. 

We recently surveyed our social media followers and asked the question "What is your favorite DE blade?  One of the top answers was the ASTRA-SP.  This is also one of our top selling blades at The Shave Mercantile, so for a limited time, we’ve bundled them for savings in a "6 pack" for you.

What you get :

6 packs of ASTRA-SP blades w/ 5 blades in each pack.  A total of 30 blades!!

Now . . .  at the time of posting this product, we have this priced pretty much in line with "Bezos" pricing to basically stick our tongues out at the "big box entity".

If we get a good response to this promo, we’ll definitely offer 6 packs of other DE blades!

**Limited time offer & While supplies last


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