Spearhead Safety Razor Case

$ 27.99

Simple, functional and durable protection for safety razors. 

The Spearhead Case is inspired by a 100-year old design and upgraded with modern Mil-Spec materials. The case holds a 3-piece safety razor and 1-2 packs of blades for travel or storage. It is compact and lightweight for easy travel with durable construction designed to last a lifetime. The case is 100% designed and manufactured in the USA.

Note: This listing is for the case only - razor and blades not included.


The Spearhead Case is inspired by the original “Khaki Set” which served millions of soldiers during WWI. The original set included a canvas case, Old Type safety razor, and a small steel box for blades. It provided compact and durable protection for a soldier’s wet shaving needs.

The Spearhead Case revives this 20th century design with 21st century materials. The shape, size and contours closely match the original 1918 single-snap Khaki Set, while the case has been upgraded to modern Mil-Spec materials.


The case is made from durable 500D Cordura nylon - the gold standard in wear resistance. It is resistant to abrasion, water damage, shrinking and staining. The double-layer nylon fabric is die-cut for precision before being sewn together with heavy bonded thread. Each point of tension is reinforced for added strength.


The Spearhead case is “Made in the USA”, including the fabric, fasteners and even the thread. Each case is carefully stitched by talented professionals who manufacture nylon cases for the U.S. Military. Imported materials and foreign labor are less expensive, but we feel it is important to preserve the American-made legacy of the original Khaki Set.


The closed case measures 4.25” x 2.25”. The case holds nearly all three-piece safety razors. The inside width is 100mm to comfortably hold most safety razor handles. The double elastic bands allow razor heads to be stored with the threads up to accommodate thicker heads such as Rockwell. When opened the case measures 9.5” across and 6” from top to bottom.

The color of the case is "Foliage Green", which is a modern military gray/olive green blend.

Note: the Spearhead Case is designed to hold a three-piece razor (handle, baseplate, cap). It will not hold twist-to-open or two-piece razors.

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