$ 19.99

Want to try wetshaving but still might be apprehensive about using a safety or straight razor?  Want to give the gift of a premium artisan shaving soap to someone who uses a cartridge razor?  We have you covered.

Our "Conversion Kit" is designed to get you used to lathering with a soap and brush.  You can use whatever razor you currently use.  When you're ready for a safety or straight razor, we'll be here for ya!

This kit comes with a Rockwell Synthetic shaving brush and your choice of one of our top selling luxury shaving soaps :

Classic Country Barber - Bergamot, basil leaf, oakmoss, white patchouli, powder

Mochachino - Dark roasted coffee bean. Chocolate. Sugar. Vanilla. A drizzle of caramel

Limeade - Lime, Orange, and a splash of Lemon

Lavenwood - Cedarwood and Lavender

Sunkissed - Sweet Orange and Mandarin

Unscented - No scent. Great for sensitive skin or fragrance sensitivities.




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