The Goodfellas' Smile - Bayonetta - Brass Double Edge Safety Razor

$ 58.00

Completely designed and made in Italy, the Bayonetta safety razor represents the latest creation by the Goodfellas’ smile. This extraordinary razor combines elegance and precision in details, entirely crafted using CNC machining in uncoated CW510L brass with a satin-finished sandblasted effect.

Technical features:

Material: Uncoated and sandblasted satin-finished CW510L brass, CNC machined

Gap: 0.65mm

Exposure: Positive 0.15mm

Handle: Length 87mm/3.43 in., diameter 13mm

Head: Width 43mm x 22.3mm

Razor length: 95mm/3.74 in.

Weight: 99g/3.5 oz.

Made in Italy

Customer Reviews

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Chris Lael
Goodfellas did Great on this razor!

First off, this is a very good looking razor. The unfinished brass, along with the design, makes it a razor that's quite appealing.
Next is the feel. It's got a nice weight to it, but not heavy. The handle feels good in the hand, with enough grip that you don't worry about dropping it with wet, lather covered fingers. And the balance is exceptional. The weight and balance work together to make this razor feel almost like an extension of your hand. It feels like it belongs in your hand when shaving.
Finally, the performance easily matches the look and feel. It has just enough blade exposure that you can tell there is a blade, but doesn't feel like it's trying to slice your face up. It feels like it lets the blade do what the blade wants to do. A mild blade will give you a mild shave, while stepping up to a shaper blade will give it just enough aggressiveness to be very efficient.
I think it's an all around great razor. Quite happy with my purchase. And it looks very nice sitting on the bathroom counter in the razor holder!

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