Sensitive Skin and Wetshaving

Does your skin get red and itchy after you shave? How about burning or irritation? Do you experience stinging, rashes, or breakouts after a shave? 

If any of this sounds familiar to you (excluding possible shaving technique issues - which we will address later), there’s a good chance you have sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin is very common and countless people have this condition.
Common causes of irritation when shaving are fragrances, dyes, and other chemicals that come in contact with your skin.

We offer a wide variety of wetshaving products at The Shave Mercantile that people with sensitive skin can use and enjoy. Many of them are designed specifically to reduce the irritation associated with sensitive skin.

Here is a compiled list of products we carry that we recommend for those with sensitive skin. If you think you fall into the “sensitive skin” category, check it out!

Shaving Soaps:
The Shave Mercantile’s Shaving Soaps
Vegan formula. Made with essential oils. Very easy on the skin. Our house brand shaving soaps were designed with sensitive skin in mind.

- The Shave Mercantile Shaving Soaps

- ARKO “Sensitive” Shaving Cream

- Merkur 23C -
- Merkur 34C HD -
- Rockwell R1 - 
- Rockwell 6C & 6S -
- Parker Variant Adjustable -

Brush preference is quite subjective. Boar brushes tend to be very scratchy when first used, so we’ll omit those. Our recommendation is a soft synthetic shaving brush.

Rockwell Synthetic Shaving Brushes
Parker BCSY Black & Chrome Handle Synthetic -
DE Blades:
Blade choice is incredibly subjective to the user. However, these are the 2 we recommend: 

Astra SP -
Feather Hi Stainless -

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