Reasons why YOU should switch to wetshaving

  Wetshaving is the term used to describe traditional methods of shaving using water, shaving soap, a shaving brush, and a double edge safety or straight razor. When the electric razor first hit the market in 1931, the term wetshaving was a way of differentiating those who used an electric razor and those who used traditional methods.   So . . . why should you switch to traditional wetshaving? Here are some benefits of making the switch :     You get a better shave   The slower reduction of facial hair from a single blade (like from a safety...

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Fright and the First Step

    I have spoken with many people over the years that have trepidations toward wetshaving. They see or hear the words "razor blade" and "straight razor" and the initial imagery their minds conjure up leave them feeling quite frightened. We asked our Facebook followers what fears/concerns they had about wetshaving and the overwhelming response was “the fear of cutting myself” and “blood loss.”   This frightening imagery might be appropriate for a Halloween flick, but rest assured wetshaving isn't scary or dangerous once you become accustom to it. Yes, there is always a chance of nicking yourself no matter...

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