Summertime, Shaving Soaps, & Shipping

Did you know that the inside of your mailbox can reach temperatures of up to 130+ degrees Fahrenheit during the summer? What does that mean to your shaving soaps? Yep, they melt.
Soaps will melt (even with the best of packaging) if left in a hot mailbox. While in transit, packages can also spend quite a bit of time in hot delivery trucks.
Here are a few quick tips when ordering shaving soaps during the hot summer months:
1) If you typically receive mail/packages at your home address earlier in the day, consider having your shipment delivered to your place of business or work if possible. It will eliminate time in a hot mailbox on the day of delivery and get it inside quicker where it's cool.
2) Consider placing your orders over the weekend (Sunday’s are great!) or the beginning of the week. Orders shipped out on a Thursday or Friday have a greater chance of being stuck in a hot delivery truck over the weekend when carriers aren't delivering.
3) In the event you do get a soap that is melted from exposure to the heat, don't worry. Your soap will still be ok to use. Let it sit at room temperature for a little while with the lid off. It will solidify when it cools down. Also, you can place the soap in your refrigerator for a bit if you want quicker results.

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